CHIMICO Restaurant
The beauty in life

CHIMICO – We wish to represent the beauty of life by drawing inspiration from the gorgeous peacock. You will be enchanted by the aura of prestige and beauty that fills our environment. The restaurant is surrounded by a stunning view of Augsburg and has a contemporary interior with traditional characteristics. Our chefs dedicate a significant amount of effort and love into creating our elegant dishes using finest ingredients. Additionally, the recipes provide our cooks a chance to be creative and express themselves freely. The creations are just as amazing as the peacock in all its magnificence. Unsere edlen Gerichte aus feinen Zutaten sind Kunstwerke unserer Köche, welche mit äußerst viel Hingabe und Leidenschaft kreiert werden. Zudem sind die Speisen eine Möglichkeit für unsere Köche sich selbstdarzustellen und ihre Ideen ihren freien Lauf zu lassen. Die Kreationen sind so außergewöhnlich, wie der Pfau in seiner ganzen Pracht erscheint.

Fine Dining

Noble and fine dishes with tasty flavors will seduce you into the Vietnamese-Japanese world.


Enter into an excellent atmosphere full of modernity and tradition of two cultures.ㅤ ㅤ

CHIMICO Restaurant
Discover the Asian cuisine up close


When selecting our ingredients, we pay a lot of attention to their quality and condition.


With the right ingredients and the right culinary skills, we create authentic dishes.


Vietnam and Japan - a unique combination of two different, yet very similar cultures.


Many years of service experience and knowledge of Asian dining distinguishes Chimico's team.